Ivan Whillock, one of the founders of both the band Jivin’ Ivan and the Kings of Swing and the Swing Into Spring event, says that, for him, swing music has always been synonymous with dancing music: “The music is, by nature, toe-tapping stuff that begs you move to its rhythm.”

It’s hard to get lost in downtown Faribault’s six straight blocks packed with shopping, restaurants and bars along Central Ave. Without having to venture more than a block in either direction, there’s plenty to do and see in downtown Faribault as its six blocks beckon back to the architectur…

Minneapolis-based musician Joe Fahey says, that for him, performing is all about connecting with the audience — which is why he integrates humor into a good portion of his songs.


OWATONNA – Kevin Kling, a well-known playwright and storyteller, will perform in Owatonna in a show titled “For the Birds.”


OWATONNA — On Saturday night, music lovers in Owatonna have the opportunity to be transported back to a time where music was evolving and bands played songs of significance.


OWATONNA — It’s been three years since Owl City struck No. 1 with “Fireflies” and Adam Young listened to thousands of screaming fans at the Xcel Energy Center sing his hit song back to him.