My wife and I have been Netflix subscribers for a little over a decade now. First, it was the “one disc at a time” plan; then about three years in, we splurged and added the streaming service. I can’t quite recall how many years it has been now, but at some point, we switched to streaming only.

Al DeRusha is a 60 year veteran of Twin Cities broadcasting, but he's best remembered as a referee for Vern Gagne's AWA.

Yep. Karlee's a woman AND a sports columnist. And she has something to say about this whole soccer thing.

A minor tragedy sets Autumn to considering what makes her happy

The Twins are not doing anything to make the Spring (or Summer) much fun


At the beginning of April, the Icelandic post-rock outfit Sigur Ros announced a large-scale fall tour of the United States, including a stop at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. And for a brief moment, I considered buying tickets to go.


Gordon Marino, a professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College, is among the most respected boxing minds in the country.


A conversation with Captain Greta Fennell

Let go of all those material things, SoMinn. You don't need that shit anyway.

Wayne Eddy has established his place in Northfield in many ways, but he is most recognized for his voice. I got to visit the historic KYMN radio station to conduct this interview, a job which he generally takes on during his show, The Wayne Eddy Affair. In this instance I was able to catch a…

Governor Dayton visited Madelia shortly after the fire

The Scene in Madelia in the early hours of February 3


I don’t know if it’s a saying, or a philosophy or a school of thought, or what, but I subscribe to the idea that change is good. Maybe it’s because I’m a little ADD, maybe it’s because I’m a fan of diversity, and maybe it’s because I have this irrational fear of being boring (most likely it’…


Eating lutefisk and lefse, making sandbakkels and rosettes, and opening gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day: These are all holiday traditions still practiced in many Norwegian-American families. But over the years, other immigrant yuletide traditions have fallen by the wayside. S…


A tribute to the coach.