To the editor:

These days of sheltering-at-home have encouraged an increased use of the walking/biking trails in Owatonna. Kind of oxymoronic to shelter-at-home while using trails some distance from home. But, fresh air and sunshine are really good for the attitude during stress-filled times and there is evidence that transmission rates for COVID-19 are much less out of doors. However, the increased trail use has introduced a lot of people to the trails who do not know or have forgotten the rules of interaction on those trails. So here’s a few …

1) When walking 2 or 3 abreast (observing social distancing) move to single file and keep far right when passing on-coming trail users.

2) When overtaking someone from behind, whether walking, running, or biking, move to the far left and call out “ON YOUR LEFT!” Be sure to do that far enough back so there is time to move over. Us old-timers don’t move too fast any more and we need some lead time. We also startle easy.

3) If you find yourself engaging in conversation on the trail, try to position yourself so the wind blows between you and not from you to the other person or vice-versa.

Well, that’s it. Not too tough but sure helpful.

We are so fortunate to have such a nice and beautiful trail system to use. Big shout out to the to the Parks and Rec. people for keeping it that way.

Stay safe.

Nels F. Thompson


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