There are times in my life when I see something that I think should be addressed and/or changed, I speak up and say something. I take risks. I talk straight, honestly and directly and I do not mince my words. Some people can’t handle that and act defensively. I am not politically correct and don’t try to be. However, I am serious, say what I mean and speak clearly. I am respectful, considerate and use finesse. This column is one of those times.

As I sat in the comfort of my leather recliner watching and enjoying the Super Bowl football game and while munching on my favorite snacks, I was suddenly and without warning, virtually and visually assaulted by the so called half-time entertainment performances of two major stars and a plethora of dancers.

It was super star Jennifer Lopez and Colombian rock-pop star Shakira. They sent themselves into a crude, high energy, supercharged, rollicking spiral of blatantly exposing their own sexuality. To me it looked like it was a bathroom break in a diarrhea ward with a single occupied bathroom.

The news media of TV and Internet were lauding the performance as “extremely important” and heralded it as a “powerful political potential of the moment recognizing the immigration crisis and plight of the Latinos.”

Additionally, they said “it was magnifying the importance and significance to be in lock-step with Colin Kaepernick,” He’s the bushy haired, mega tattooed, unemployed former quarterback of the 49’rs and a self ordained voice of the desperate young blacks.

HUH? I watched part of that crotch grabbing, sexual gyration display and I didn’t see nor hear anything that resembled it. Watching it was difficult enough. I switched the channel and my wife resigned herself to her sewing machine. Watching the half-time performance was like coughing up blood.

While switching the channel back and forth awaiting the game to resume, I wondered when the Super Bowl half-time shows will be presented just as pure, clean, unadulterated entertainment. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change? No more hidden agendas! I once knew a woman teacher from a formation class I took at one time and she always had a hidden agendas. You could never figure her out or what she was up to. Why do we need a performance with a hidden agenda?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an entertainment show without protest implications or causes? I think that some of our so called stars, as they accumulate gobs of wealth, as they become more popular, they diagnose and anoint themselves as some sort of divine spokesman for certain social ills of society such as Colin Kaepernick does and the rest of his followers that “took a knee” during our great National Anthem.

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch something that wasn’t so insanely crude, without freaking and gapping sexual horror?

The half-time entertainment could hardly be construed as family entertainment. I thought about the significant impact that such a display of demonizing basic moral values had on millions of young children of all ages, the old and infirmed, nuns, clergy of all faiths, the elderly, church goers, Christians and the list grows long. What kinds of images were imbedded in their minds and memory from that show? And what image did it leave you with?

I’m not certain if the so called entertainers are aware of it or not, but I firmly believe they are simply making a significant attempt to undermine and destroy the strong Christian values of decency, purity and shared social values which holds our society together, that we are feverishly trying to hold steadfast to.

I thought also about the millions of people watching those performers denigrate themselves and other women with their lawless display of raw suggestive sexuality. How shallow their lives must be if that is all that they can communicate.

The nausea I’m experiencing from the half-time performance is bothering me so much, that I’m having a difficult time writing this article without throwing up.

I find it inordinately difficult to believe that the Super Bowl half-time performance could hit such a low. The two star performer dancers faced away from the camera, leaned over away from the cameras and synchronized a butt shimmy while their “private parts” were barely covered. And more dramatically, Jennifer Lopaz did a wide knee, lay back, crotch slide directly into the camera. OMG! It was a historical blast of raunchy arrogance. She had about a one inch wide strip of costume saving her from fully exposing her genitals. And they call it family entertainment.

What I witnessed on TV during one of America’s most watched programs in history, enraged me as I attempt to understand how we could allow our culture to become as low as it is, to have a lack of class, sophistication, morals and long lasting, tried and true, life giving values.

I have concerns about how our society operates. I believe the entertainment was specifically designed to impose or propose their basic overall beliefs of values and sexuality on others or society as a whole.

It is abolition or an attempt to discredit our basic principles and values with suggestive dance and costumes and subliminal messages.

I think there is a distinctly significant gap between life in the church, the community and the “ways of the world.” I believe that we must go back to and strengthen our core values that helped us at a time when our nation relied on it. I believe that we must contribute to the transformation of society by making changes in ourselves first for the glory of God and secondly, because the values are good for society as a whole.

What we need, is a person that does not conform to the world, but is a vibrant soul that ventilates the world with peace, kindness and love and to be transformed and do what is right and good and pleasing to God. Romans 12:2

Jeffrey Jackson is the managing editor of the Owatonna People's Press. He can be reached at 507-444-2371 or via email at

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