To the editor:

In the Sept. 5 edition of the People's Press, Sen. John Jasinski wonders what it will take for Gov. Walz to relinquish emergency powers. Senator Jasinski says, “Looking at the numbers, (COVID), we appear to be past the worst of it.” I think that we are not. The combination of a holiday weekend, return of in-school classes, the start of another flu season, and people taking COVID 19 precautions lightly, would suggest otherwise.

Only a short time ago Dr. Deborah Birx was here from Washington, D.C., to caution us about our rising numbers here in Minnesota. While we all wish we were “past the worst of it” we simply are not. I believe that is reason number one that the Governor has not relinquished his emergency powers.

Other reasons? The inability of our state legislators to pass a bonding bill (again), to pass police reform that is more than superficial, or to offer more than rhetoric for those suffering from job loss, food insecurity, lack of daycare, and the imminent loss of their housing.

You, senator, and your colleagues will barely grant your constituents the time needed for a special session. You set unreasonable deadlines, concentrating on damaged statues over damaged humans, disposing of state commissioners as a form of petty sniping (what was it Rep. Kurt Daudt said? Something about executing a prisoner…?), and holding up the bonding bill because of the emergency powers. (I say bonding bill again because not passing the bonding bill is so willfully destructive to all corners of our state.)

It is no wonder that Gov. Walz will not give up his emergency powers given this lack of cooperation by some members of the House and Senate.

Beverly Cashman


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