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Ask God to guide and enlighten you concerning your abilities and talents that pertain to your work so that you may find favor both with God and man. (Colossians 3:17, 22-24, Philippians 2:14-16, Psalms 138:8, Haggai 2:4-9, First Thessalonians 4:10-12, Second Thessalonians 3:10-13)

As and received by faith the Nine Spiritual (supernatural) Gifts of God so that you and others may walk, talk, think and act upon the victorious, abundant and renewed life in Christ and to be set free from all curses of Satan and his evil cohorts. (First Corinthians 12:31, Numbers 23:19, First Corinthians 12:1-11, Chapters 13-14, Mark 16:17-18, 20)

Thank God for the ministry gifts which flow within the Body of Christ, ministries which build up the Body and helps the Body to grow in unity , love and teachings of Christ. Ask God that the ministers receive the fullness of the Wisdom, Power, Presence and Peace of God so that they set excellent examples to all the people by living holy, fruitful , victorious and abundant lives. (Ephesians 4:11-16, First Corinthians 12:27-31, Luke 4:18-19)

Fast and pray for the unsaved, the oppressed, the sick, the “down-and-outers”, the hungry, the poor, etc. It will be through the faithful and diligent prayer warriors only that the mighty Hand of God can powerfully act, breaking down all the bondages of Satan. (John 3:3, First Peter 1:23, Romans 10:9, 10, 13, First John 5:13, John 3:16, Isaiah 58:3-14, Matthew 6:16, Romans 8:26-27)

The Body of Christ is called to intercessors. We are to stand in the gap for others, just as Christ stands in the gap for us. we must not, we dare not pray for just “me, myself and I” and our families. The Lord may pop a person in to our minds any time, day or night. Pray for him! Intercede in the Spirit for him! When a hard situation comes in to mind, don’t fret and stew about it, pray about it! Seek the Lord’s counsel! Confess the scriptures! And wherever you are, where there are people coming and going, flash a quick prayer at them. The Lord listens! The Lord hears! The flash prayer is this: “I claim you for Christ! God’s Peace and Power be multiplied unto you!” So don’t put off the urgency of an emergency!

Daily pray with your spouse or your prayer partner. For five years now my husband, Bob, and I have prayed these steps of prayer before he went to work at 6:30 with the two of us standing and holding hands in our kitchen. First, Bob and then I would pray, offering up to Father God our praise, thanksgiving and petitions. And if we or others had a specific need, we would pray and confess an appropriate scripture verse over that need. Also, we have called other intercessors to pray for critical needs.I now would like to share with you some of my deepest and most intimate answers which I received from Father God in 1975 and later in 2000. They bring me great comfort and peace every time I read them.

Before my family even experienced our “Peace in the Valley of Death” near-tragic incident, I had prayed and asked God to keep our family and cabin safe, and He did! And He gave me His perfect Peace that is beyond human understanding! What an awesome and marvelous experience I had! A few weeks later, as I sat alone in my living room late one night, I was filled with the Holy Spirit after I had prayed and asked God for this one special Spiritual Gift (First Corinthians 12:4-11). Slowly, I began to speak in other tongues, though not proficiently. Then, after daily reading, studying and meditating on His Word for about a year and a half, I began to ask, seek and earnestly desire some of the other Spiritual Gifts from God. Again, God answered my prayer! One day as I was praying and studying His Word, I began to receive in the secret sanctuary of my inner being, that is, “the Booth of Truth”, these divine messages from God that flowed like streams of pure, refreshing and living water! So each time I heard God speak to my heart, I promptly picked up my gold pen and wrote them down on paper, and then later shared these words of comfort, love and exhortation with my Bible-believing, charismatic prayer and praise group which I attended weekly. These are the eight pertinent and timely Messages from the Lord which were written between January 1975 and November 1975.

Bev Nesbit is a homemaker and longtime anointed full-gospel “tidbit” writer of essays, poems, posters, songs, calligraphy, greeting cards, pass-it-on cards and letters to the editor. Follow her on Facebook

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