To the editor:

I’ve know Doug for many years. We worked together on our church’s Deacon Board. That is where I got a good look at Doug’s leadership ability and his willingness to work with others, delegate and allow others to use their strengths. One of Doug’s main responsibilities was balancing the church budget and organizing people to take care of the physical needs of the church.

In the time Doug has been in office with the City Council, he has helped me with two specific issues. My wife and I manage an apartment complex and there were several sidewalk panels that were damaged and very dangerous for our residents. I gave Doug a call. He called the appropriate city department and within days, I received a response and the work was done in two weeks. Secondly, at the company where I worked, the driveway entry was washing out and causing the asphalt to break up. When I called, he again knew who to call and the work was completed within a reasonable time frame.

I appreciate Doug for taking his position with the City Council seriously and also want to thank the staff of the city of Owatonna, that took care of these concerns and in a timely manner. Owatonna needs to look to the future, to continue to grow and assist the citizens for a better tomorrow for all.

Dan Kenow


This letter is a paid political endorsement

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