One of the biggest concerns that I hear from constituents here in Minnesota is the lack of access to affordable, quality child care. Indeed, our state ranks fourth in the country for having the most expensive child care – behind only California, Massachusetts and Washington, DC.

Sometimes, you just need to step back. The political conversations I hear these days are strikingly negative, dominated by what’s amiss in Washington, by the deep divisions in the country, by President Trump’s actions and the aftermath of his impeachment, and by the difficult problems we fac…

In the current heighten atmosphere of political divide, Better Angels is a national movement of bringing citizens together to sit down and try to find some common ground and mutual understanding of our different beliefs. Rotary Club members have hosted several local events this past year.

President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign hit the mark with white, working-class voters in the Midwest. That’s how he won states like Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin and nearly won Minnesota — these are all states with a high proportion of white voters without a college degree.

The frosty air of winter can be invigorating. Cold air can also pose threats to your health, whether you’re indoors or outside. If your body temperature drops too low, it can lead to a serious, sometimes deadly condition known as hypothermia. Learn to recognize the signs of this condition an…


Our next president must be committed to protecting and advancing the civil liberties and civil rights guaranteed to all of us in the Constitution, and the current goal for our Rights for All campaign is to educate voters on where the candidates stand on these key issues.

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