The History Walking Tour, a 2-mile self-guided exploration of some of the State Fair’s most historically significant spots, introduces two new additions to the tour.

Located on the southwest corner of Lee Avenue and Cooper Street (on Machinery Hill) and at the Sheep & Poultry Barn.


Quick tip: This self-guided History Walking Tour is an easy stroll with coffee in hand if you arrive early in the morning to the fair. But you can learn more about some of the State Fair’s most historically significant spots anytime during your visit. Here are two additions to the 2019 tour:

Early fairs

Agricultural fairs in the Minnesota Territory began in 1854, flaunting the lush crops, healthy livestock and bustling society of the region to entice fair visitors to put down roots in Minnesota. Find out how many people attended the first fair after statehood in 1859 and other fun trivia to impress your friends.

Sheep & Poultry Barn

The barn was built in 1937 by members of the Works Progress Administration, an employment program during the Great Depression. The work of artists hired by the WPA can still be seen today on the outside of the barn.

Pick up a tour brochure at any tour stop on the fairgrounds or the Minnesota Historical Society booth in the Education Building. Visit at least eight of the 12 stops and collect a prize! (See brochure for details.) The History Walking Tour is supported by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation and the Minnesota Historical Society. Free with fair admission.

Additional resources

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