Becky Noble has served as the executive director of the Blooming Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce for two decades, connecting with community members and local businesses, and creating memories, but now it’s time to move on.

Noble will soon retire from her role at the Chamber as she looks to focus on a different career path. It was 20 years ago in September that Noble took the job after being encouraged by a former employer who thought she would be the perfect fit for the position. Already a longtime Blooming Prairie resident, Noble quickly settled into the position, found the work enjoyable and decided to stick around.

“I knew all the people in the business community at that time and it’s just a great place to be,” Noble said of the area.

When she first began as executive director, people didn’t have cell phones and she’d rely on email, snail mail, phone calls or simply an in-person visit to communicate. She loved visiting Chamber members in-person and getting to know them better.

“That would be my favorite part of my job, was going out and connecting with people in the community and the Chamber,” Noble said.

As director, she helped organize a number of annual Chamber events including the annual Fourth of July Celebration, Chamber golf fundraisers and the community Holiday Dazzle with its wine- and beer-tasting fundraiser. Also on her long list of memories were the city-wide garage sales, the city’s birthday fundraiser and various other community fundraisers.

Her most notable memory from her tenure was the city’s 150th anniversary celebrated in conjugation with the annual Fourth of July Celebration in 2017. She praised the group of volunteers who helped plan the massive celebration with the Chamber, a celebration which typically brings 20,000 to 25,000 people into town. These celebrations offer the community an opportunity to showcase their assets, to encourage people to move to Blooming Prairie, raise their family in the city and bring their business to the area.

“We want them to know what a good community it is to do all of that and that’s what our Chamber is all about,” Noble said.

Despite saying goodbye to her position in the Chamber, she still plans on staying involved in the community in other ways and hopes to see the executive director position reenergized with a new leader.

“I hope the business community and even people that don’t own a business that are members, I hope that they can continue to support the Blooming Prairie Chamber,” she said. “It’s really important to have a Chamber in your town. A Chamber will keep businesses working together to promote the community as a whole.”

The Chamber is taking applications for the executive director position. Those interested can submit their resume and letter of interest to the Chamber via mail at P.O. Box 805, 138 Highway 218 South, Blooming Prairie, MN 55917 or email at by Jan. 21. According to the job description, the purpose of the position is to support community growth, develop and encourage financial investments, organize business activities and promote local commerce and community pride.

“It’s just been a really fun experience,” Noble said. “If you like people and like being in touch with people this is a good job to have.”

The Chamber has also recently announced the election results for its new executive board. Jim Fiebiger has been selected as the Chamber’s 2021 president, Trevor Kruckeberg is the vice president, Karen Peterson will be secretary and Lisa Noble will act as the treasurer.

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