The Wayne Brothers Family Farm have been named the Steele County Farm Family of the Year

Brothers Greg, Brian, David and Tom Wayne have been farming together for about 40 years. Their grandfather, Manford Wayne, purchased the farm in 1943 in Berlin Township.

A few years later, Manford’s son Lyle, the Wayne brothers’ dad, purchased another farm across the road in Summit Township. Lyle’s farm is now the home farm for the Wayne Brothers operation. Lyle retired from farming in the mid-1990s.

Together the Wayne brothers farm 6,000 acres of corn and soybeans. They practice conservation tillage on their corn ground and have been no-tilling soybeans since 1992 in standing corn stalks. They also use cover crops after their corn has been harvested.

Greg’s son, Nathan, and David’s two sons, Dustin and Alex, are now part of the farming operation. Each family member has their own responsibilities. Greg, David and Tom handle spring planting and fall harvest. Brian, Nathan, Dustin and Alex handle the tillage and herbicide applications. They also dry the corn crop and deliver the crops to local elevators. The family gets help from friends in the spring and fall with additional tillage.

The Wayne family supports a variety of agriculture-related efforts in their community.

They are members of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and the Minnesota Soybean Association. They’ve donated to FFA’s Camp Courage for many years. Family members participate in a variety of local organizations including the Ellendale Economic Development Council and Ellendale and Geneva Commercial Clubs. Brian served on the Ellendale School Board. Family members are also members of their respective church councils.

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