A Level Three sex offender has relocated in Owatonna, according to the Owatonna Police Department.

Benny Ledesma, 29, moved to the 200 block of Beech Avenue on Nov. 19.

Ledesma, who is originally from Owatonna, was convicted of second-degree criminal sexual conduct in 2011 in Steele County after he engaged in sexual contact with an unknown female teenager and held her against her will. Police say Ledesma gained access to the victim by approaching her in a public setting and grabbing her by the neck. He also robbed the victim.

Ledesma was sentenced to 28 months in prison and released in 2016. He has previously relocated to Owatonna in both 2016 and 2017, according to People’s Press reports.

Under Minnesota law, the Owatonna Police Department can notify residents of an offender’s release from prison or a secure treatment facility if it believes the information will enhance public safety. The notification is not intended to increase fear. Ledesma will be monitored by law enforcement.

Ledesma is not currently wanted by police and upon his release had served his court-imposed sentence, according to the police department’s news release. This notification cannot be used to threaten, harass or intimidate Ledesma. Those found doing so could be subject to criminal charges.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Owatonna Police Department is unable to hold a community meeting regarding Ledesma’s relocation. Additional questions regarding McKee’s release and relocation and concerns about public safety can be directed to Det. Christian Berg at the Owatonna Police Department at 507-774-7220.

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