An Owatonna man has been sentenced to five years of supervised probation for dumping chemicals on a female and throwing a flower pot at her.

Shane Paul Johnson, 42, was sentenced on Thursday after he was found guilty of felony domestic assault in a one-day jury trial on Aug. 3. The jury also found Johnson not guilty of an additional felony count of domestic assault by causing fear of bodily harm.

According to the criminal complaint, Owatonna police were alerted in June to a domestic assault in progress and were advised that the male – identified as Johnson – had thrown a flower pot at the female victim and dumped cleaning chemicals on her. When officers arrived, the victim was found outside visibly distraught, covered in white powder and having difficulty breathing. Officers also observed a large red mark and teeth marks on the victim’s arm.

The victim told officers she had been in a verbal argument with Johnson the night prior to the incident and she had been removing her personal belongings from the home when Johnson allegedly attacked her.

Johnson has previous domestic assault convictions, including a 2012 felony conviction in Dakota County and a 2017 gross misdemeanor conviction in Blue Earth County.

Judge Joseph Bueltel sentenced Johnson to five years of supervised probation for the crime. As a part of his probation, Johnson is prohibiting from using alcohol, owning firearms, and voting. He is also ordered to undergo cognitive skill training and a domestic abuse evaluation.

If Johnson fails to comply with the conditions of his probation, he will spend 18 months in a state prison.

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