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A bomb threat was called into the Owatonna Target Thursday evening, the second one this week following a similar situation at Daikin Applied on Nov. 5. According to Target Corporate, the location was evacuated while police conducted an investigation, before ultimately clearing the space for guests to return inside. (Bridget Kranz/People’s Press)

A bomb threat was called into the Owatonna Target just before 5 p.m. Thursday evening, the second this week after a similar incident Tuesday at Daikin Applied.

According to a statement from Target Corporate, the threat came into the store directly, and the branch then immediately contacted the Owatonna Police Department. The company said the building was evacuated while police conducted an investigation; after a two-hour search, it was cleared for guests to return inside.

During the inspection, officers barricaded all entrances to the Target parking lot and rerouted traffic around the complex, which is located along Park Drive, just west of Interstate 35. The Owatonna Fire Department was also present at the scene.

This is the second bomb threat this week, following a call the morning of Nov. 5 at Daikin Applied, located along 21st Avenue in Owatonna’s industrial park.

According to a report in the Nov. 6 edition of the People’s Press, a suspicious device was located inside Daikin’s office, but was ultimately found to be benign. As of Wednesday afternoon, no arrests had been made in relation to the Daikin threat, and the case was still under investigation.

The Owatonna Police Department did not return a request seeking comment on the most recent event.

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