Last week’s Mystery Shot: Four Seasons Centre

Apparently, if you’re feeling stumped on the Mystery Shot, there’s a new way of finding out the answer that takes just a wee bit — and I mean a wee bit — of computer savvy, and you’ll find the answer given to you. Literally.

And who will give you that answer? Apparently, I will.

As is fairly well know, I often dip into our archives to find a photo for the Mystery Shot, sometimes grabbing something that could be fairly timely — part of the grandstand or Ye Olde Beer Garden during the Steele County Free Fair, for example. I will trim the picture so only a small section of the place in question is shown. Then I will get it ready for both our print product and our online website, sometimes giving a hint, if needed.

What I forget is that occasionally these photos in our archives have captions attached to them — cutlines, we call them in the newspaper biz — that will show up either in print or online, sometimes both. Well, last week was one of those weeks — a week in which I forgot to check for and eliminate the cutline that was attached to the photo. The end result was that if you happened to check for the Mystery Shot online on the People’s Press website, there was the answer right beneath the photo.

Several readers saw it and commented on it, my favorite coming from the Shaws — Linda, Derald and Michelle.

“And yes,” wrote the Shaws, “we did know it before we read the caption under the picture. You really gave out the ultimate hint this time. Thanks.”

You’re welcome.

The Mystery Shot for May 11, 2019, was the ceiling of the Four Seasons Centre on the Steele County Fairgrounds — chosen not only because of last weekend’s prom, but also because of the upcoming graduation ceremonies.

Correctly identifying the Mystery Shot were Cindy Greeley; Lois Janke; James and Mat Joachim; Joshua Kiel;Darlene Polesky; Abby and Jessica Sawyer; Linda, Michelle and Derald Shaw; Bob Vereide; and Mark Woodrich.

Thanks to all who participated, and special congratulations to those who identified the place without my extra big hint.

This week’s photo will have no caption attached because it’s not from our archives, but rather supplied by reader Russell Rudolf. You’re on your own.

Submit your answers

Show off your local savoir-faire by identifying this week’s Mystery Shot. Readers who correctly identify this mystery photo from Steele County and who submit their answers this week no later than 5 p.m. Wednesday will have their names published in the Lifestyle section of next Weekend’s edition.

There are two ways to submit your answer for the Mystery Shot.

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The answer to this week’s Mystery Shot will be published in the next Weekend Edition.

Your own image

If you have a favorite spot in Steele County and would like to submit your Mystery Shot, we welcome you to submit your photos as well. Send your name and phone number along with the image and the location name to or send your photo to the People’s Press offices at 135 W. Pearl St., Owatonna, MN 55060.

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