Last week’s Mystery Shot:

St. John Lutheran Church

It helps if you have an inside track, and the two readers who correctly identified last week’s Mystery Shot definitely had an inside track. More about that in a minute. Let’s first cut to the chase.

The Mystery Shot for September 14, 2019 was part of the cornerstone of St. John Lutheran Church in Owatonna.

Correctly identifying the Mystery Shot were Richard Dresser and Dave Klawiter.

So how did these two gentlemen have an inside track?

Here’s what Mr. Dresser had to say:

“The photo is of the Luther Rose in the center of the cornerstone of St. John Lutheran Church, site of the installation of the fourth bishop of the Southeast Minnesota Synod, ELCA last Saturday [Sept. 14]. It was helpful that I was there.”

Helpful, indeed.

As for Dave Klawiter, well, let’s include his title here as well. That would be “Pastor Dave Klawiter.” And, yes, he is the pastor of St. John Lutheran — a definite inside track. Here’s what he told us about the photo:

“That picture of Luther’s Seal of Luther’s Rose is engraved in the cornerstone of our present church building. It is located on the wall at the south corner under the canopy by our main west entrance to the church sanctuary.”

By the way, I would also note that the photo was provided by Russell Rudolf, who, until his retirement, was pastor of St. John. I noted last week that the Mystery Shot was appropriate for that day — the day of the installation of the bishop at St. John — and something that was close to home to him.

When he submitted the photo, Russ also noted that Sept. 14 was Holy Cross Day, as well as noting the symbol of the Luther Rose. What’s more he noted a date on the cornerstone, which you don’t see in the Mystery Shot, but trust me it’s there. The date is 1870, which means, as Russ said, that “the members of St. John Lutheran are preparing to celebrate their 150th year of service.”

Thanks to all who participated.

The Mystery Shot for this week is also provided to us by Russell Rudolf. No particular reason. Just because.

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