Rose Street construction bumps

(submitted photo)

OWATONNA — Motorists have been wondering why the construction on Rose Street has seemingly left the westbound lanes with a rougher ride than before construction began. The department wants to assure motorists that the project isn’t finished and that those bumps will be removed.

Those bumps, pictured below, are from concrete used to fill holes cut into the pavement to install dowel bars, a heavy-duty steel reinforcing bar that ties the concrete panels together. When the road was first built in the 1960s and 1970s, it was not common to install dowel bars. The contractor is now putting them in as a retrofit to help hold the panels together and spread the traffic loads from panel to panel.

Once the repairs are completed on the eastbound lanes, then the contractor will mill off a thin layer of the concrete pavement to smooth out all those bumps and make the pavement ride almost like new again.

The current work on Rose Street is expected to last a few more weeks. The work is part of a two-year construction project expected to be completed by the end of summer in 2020.

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