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Local artist Lynette Yencho, who created the library mural at the Owatonna Arts Center, will be selling the pictured 10- by 12-inch canvas as part of an online benefit auction coming up in early August. (Photo courtesy of Lynette Yencho)

The George Floyd family — in partnership with Black Lives Matter St. Paul and the 1Love 1Mission Movement — is joining Inclusivi-tee and artists from around the world in “Artists Who Share: The Minneapolis Revitalization Auction.” 

Originally scheduled to take place from June 25 to 28, the auction has been postponed and will happen online from Aug. 4 to 6. Among the over 50 international artists featured is Lynette Yencho, local painter and creator of the Owatonna Arts Center’s library mural.

“Artists Who Share” was originally planned by Inclusivi-tee — a Minnesota-based public benefit corporation — to support coronavirus recovery. With the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, however, the focus shifted to include support of both coronavirus recovery and the revitalization of Minneapolis following Floyd’s death.

“When George Floyd was murdered, we knew ‘Artists Who Share’ had to shift. We live 10 minutes from Minneapolis. I work, go to restaurants and visit my daughter in the city,” said Lori Myren-Manbeck, founder and CEO of Inclusivi-tee. “This is our home. We could not simply pretend this tragedy was not unfolding around us.”

The auction’s focus shifted entirely to recovery and healing in Minneapolis when LydiaMarie Moses, founder of the 1Love 1Mission Movement, offered to bring art to the auction. Moses is joined by Black Lives Matter St. Paul and is donating the art specifically in support of the George Floyd Revitalization Fund, overseen by the Floyd family.

1Love 1Mission Movement is a Minneapolis-based organization that has operated internationally for the past 10 years on ending homelessness, assisting those in crisis, weeding out systemic racism and supporting the community. 

In addition to the auction, an online program called “We Come in Peace: The Minneapolis Revitalization Event,” will be broadcast simultaneously from Aug. 4 to 6. It will include diverse performers from around the world, singing, dancing, providing how-to videos and engaging in cosplay. The event is being organized by Asterin Everett Grey, who attends a high school for the arts in Ohio, and Heidi Little, founder of International Children’s Month and Omnipresent Entertainment. 

The George Floyd Revitalization Fund will be used to renovate the historic Rudolph’s BBQ, creating Resurrection, a restaurant memorial for Floyd and other people of color who have lost their lives to police violence.  Other beneficiaries from “Artists Who Share and “We Come in Peace” include the artists, the Lake Street Council, Black Lives Matter St. Paul, 1Love 1Mission and the Hydrax Hill Museum in Kenya.

Information about donating and supporting the auction is accessible from the front page of the website,, as well as from the “Inclusivi-tee” Facebook page. 

For more information or to bid when items become available Aug. 4, go to or

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