Bosch grant awarded to Owatonna Public Schools for STEM training

Students in the planning stages of working in their classroom Makerspace. (Photo courtesy of Owatonna Public Schools)

The Owatonna Public Schools would like to thank BOSCH for the generous grant they awarded allowing 14 teachers to participate in a 2-year STEM Cohort with the University of St. Catherines. This grant supports Owatonna Public Schools’s commitment to high quality teaching and learning by awarding these teachers with a STEM certification and supporting the STEM initiative in Owatonna schools.

“I could not be more grateful for the grant provided by BOSCH to receive my STEAM certificate,” said Chelsea Van Roekel, a 4th grade teacher with Owatonna Public Schools and one of the educators who participated in the STEM Cohort. “All students deserve access to an education that will help them grow creatively, develop problem solving skills, and learn how to effectively collaborate with peers. STEAM does just that! My students were in the planning stages of working in our classroom Makerspace, something I was able to learn how to refine through my coursework and make an even better experience for students. Thank you again to BOSCH for supporting my educational journey. In doing so, I was able to grow in ways that will help engage my students in an education where they learn and grow in skills necessary to be successful 21st century learners!”

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