Join in the fun of the 2020 edition of the Bold & Cold Medallion Hunt. Here's the first clue.

Clue 1:

You have come, once again, to our quest Bold & Cold

To seek the medallion of which you’ve been told —

A grail, if you will, for this frozen event

That Owatonna Motor Company and People’s Press now present.

If find you the prize from where’er it doth hide,

`Tis worth more than just a justified pride.

Five hundred-buck card from the Chamber is yours

Because you have listened and done all your chores

And followed the rules when off you’ve been sent

After ciphering clues and reading the hints.

Places high you shall travel and, too, places low,

But only upon public land should you go.

Use rakes, hoes and hand tools to move snow and ice,

But no shoveling or digging. To the grounds please be nice.

Yet no digging is needed for it rests above ground,

Just waiting discovery. It longs to be found.

One last thing keep in mind for a guess that is right:

Check for hints every day on the Owatonna Motor Company website.

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