OWATONNA - An Owatonna man's drowning - initially ruled an accident in 2006 - is getting new attention as two New York City detectives say Scot Radel's death may be connected to dozens of other deaths across the country and it may be a string of murders.

"I know foul play was involved," said Allan Radel, Scot's father. "I've said that from day one."

St. Cloud Police have said in reports, they are willing to hear any new information regarding the drowning of St. Cloud State University student, Scot Radel. Officially, the case was ruled an accident, but recent reports have some saying there may be a connection to a serial killer.

Scot Baek Radel was 21 when he disappeared Feb. 2, 2006 after he was separated from friends during a night out at downtown St. Cloud bars. His body was later found in the Mississippi River. His death was determined an accident.

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