Alexander Morefield


Northfield High School

Accomplishments: Alex has been a member of LINK crew the last two years, Band Council, Weightlifting and Track the last three years, RALIE and captain of the Track team this year. Alex was also this years Homecoming King.

Future Plans: Attending St. Thomas to work towards his goal of becoming a Physical Therapist

Extracurriculars: Weightlifting (3 years), Track (3 years), Jazz Band (4 years), Band Council, (3 years) and RALIE (1 year), volunteered at the Princess and Pirate event (2 years) and Intramural Volleyball (1 year)

Favorite Quote: "Real G's move in silence like Lasagna"

Favorite Memory: Really any sporting event that had themes but my favorite was the Homecoming game theme: Bakery

Advice To Future Generations: Take everything in and make the most of it!

Parents: Kim Route and Bill Morefield

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