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All golf talk in Northfield this week centered pretty much around a young, white-haired high school boy who climbed of the trains last windy Monday morning and went cityward with his golf clubs.

Late that night he climbed off the train, back in Northfield, and tired...Well, he should have been tired. He’d done a good day’s work.

For (and of course you’d never have guessed who we were talking about) it was Gene Christensen, who sailed around the University golf course in 151 strokes and won the state high school championship.

News of Christy’s victory came rather in the nature of a bombshell...With the exception of a few brief and scattered references now and then, there wasn’t even a warning in the local papers that he was going to enter. (As a matter of fact, it was uncertain almost right up to the last minute whether or not he would go, on account of state exams.) He went up there alone and unheralded, and came back alone at night when all the brass bands were asleep.

Twin City sportswriters have him marked as a comer...Northfield golf fans could have told them that long ago.

So how about sending Christy to the State Amateur this summer to represent Northfield? Or can you think of someone better maybe?

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