To the editor:

Rep. David Bly (DFL-Northfield) really likes The Child Care Collective Bargaining Act which he helped pass.

Just as all teachers in the Northfield Public School district have the Education Minnesota union dues deducted from their paychecks, the giant AFSCME union (that was a crucial player in Obama's re-election) stands to get some $600-800 a year in dues from every daycare provider.

Here's the union's plan. There are two kinds of childcare providers in Minnesota: Minnesota state licensed care providers and unlicensed providers. Minnesota's Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) pays support for childcare services for low income families. If the union wins certification, union dues will automatically be deducted by the state from CCAP payments to providers.

Childcare providers could refuse service to CCAP beneficiary families or raise their rates. That would be like doctors opting out of treating Medicare patients in protest against Obamacare. It is tough to stand up against the power of the state or federal government.

But here is the real deal.

Members of the Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association overwhelmingly oppose Bly's forced unionization law. So AFSCME union plans to solicit unlicensed childcare providers of who an estimated 75 percent are former childcare providers are no longer in business. But Bly's law gives them the right to vote for the union.

If only a third of these unlicensed childcare providers vote for the union, even if all of them are out of the business, the union wins.

And then all providers of childcare service to CCAP families will see dues deducted.

Teachers in Northfield pay dues of about $600 a year to Education Minnesota Union.

In New York State childcare providers have to pay $700 a year in union dues.

Supposed you were a young mother taking care of your own kids in your own home, and then decided to take in two more children.

Does Bly even pretend that the union is going to do anything to help that mother in her own home?

Doug Jones



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