To the editor:

Thank you to the Minnesota House of Representatives for passing a budget that funds childcare, education, housing, transportation, environmental issues and helping those hardest hit by the pandemic — women and people of color. Going back to pre-pandemic “normal” is not an option.

Many people have suffered economically through this pandemic and many have done quite well, especially businesses in the tech industry and the larger retail companies that sell online. The latest Minnesota Department of Revenue tax incidence study shows that the top 10% on Minnesotans by income pay less as a percentage in total taxes (income tax, sales tax, property tax, and fees) than anyone else. It is entirely fair that individuals who make more than $10,000 per week and families who make more than $20,000 per week should pay some additional tax to help support the services needed by all of us.

We need the Minnesota Senate to follow the Minnesota House lead. Please call your senator to support a budget that fully funds the services that we need and pays for those services in a responsible, sustainable way.

Leota Goodney


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