To the editor:

On a beautiful, cool spring morning in the Colorado Rockies, an acquaintance of mine was opening up the bead shop where she worked on Main Street. She was a single mother (her husband had died of natural causes a year before). She had a 6-year-old son. A guy she had recently decided to stop seeing walked in the front door of the shop and emptied a 45 caliber pistol into her.

He told the sheriff later he intended to save one bullet for himself, but I guess he forgot, so she got them all. In a heartbeat her son was orphaned. The shooter had gone to New Mexico, just a few miles south, the day before, where he bought the gun for this specific purpose. They had virtually no regulations on guns, no waiting period, nothing.

I don’t think the Second Amendment was intended for this. I don’t believe a civilized society would allow this without making laws for public safety.

No right is unlimited, and no single law stops all bad things from happening, but if we are to live in a moral, civilized community, we must set limits on what we consider acceptable behavior. We can’t make it easier for things like this to happen.

And if sheriffs refuse to do their job by upholding the law, then they are in the wrong profession. I am not opposed to guns for sport or hunting, and self-defense in the home. I spent much of my life doing these things. However, we cannot allow lobbyists (only concerned with profits) to determine how we live or die in our communities. If lawmakers refuse to hear the will of the people, they should also choose another profession. So be it.

Jon P. Frasz


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