To the editor:

I want to thank the Rice County commissioners, in particular Commissioner Galen Malecha, for inviting Kathleen Doran-Norton and me to their Oct. 1 meeting to talk about climate change and climate change solutions. Our county’s climate is already changing; that is most visible now in extreme rain events and increased annual rainfall.

As I write this, I see a headline in the Oct. 3 Star Tribune: “State’s Rainfall Records Fall.” This is illustrated by two photos showing flooding and high water this week along the Cannon River. The caption states that Faribault’s rainfall is 15.52 inches over normal. While our warmer, more erratic climate is cause for alarm, many of the measures that will help protect us also provide opportunities. A “green team” of county staff and local citizens could look for the best ways to find efficiencies and reduce county expenditures through measures such as installing LED bulbs and using fuel-efficient or even fully electric vehicles.

Thanks again to the Rice County commissioners for their interest in hearing about climate change in our county, and measures we can take to become more resilient and efficient.

Janet Petri

Northfield Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter co-leader

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