To the editor: 

I’m a voter here in Northfield, thinking hard about my choices for the primary (Aug. 11) and the big one on Nov. 3  — for president, senators, representatives and locally, mayor.

I know our country is not doing well internally and not on the world stage either. Too many current leaders and candidates are making problems, not solving them! My one vote must be used wisely.

First, save the planet, vote for folks who will do all possible to slow down global warming. Like, duh!

Second, save our health and pensions. Vote for folks who will protect “Obama care” (especially now, during COVID) and our social security system—the only universal help out there for the non-millionaires.

Third, elect folks mindful to help where COVID-19 has damaged our economy. I don’t recommend we bankrupt our treasury with a form of bread and circuses for the citizens, and a reverse Robin Hood—taking from various bits of our government, especially underfunded bits, to give to the rich. I recommend we update and bring back FDR’s job corps from during the depression, for here comes another one.

For me that means I vote for Joe Biden for president, U.S. Sen. Tina Smith, U.S. Rep. Angela Craig, Jon Olson (, Rep. Todd Lippert and Mayor Rhonda Pownell.

Lorraine Rovig


This letter is a paid political endorsement.

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