To the editor:

Two weeks ago, I spent my mornings volunteering as a greeter at the Community Action Center here in Northfield for the first time. True to my expectations, Northfield takes care of its own: there were almost as many people dropping by to give donations (many of which were quite large), as clients coming by for food.

My task was to ask the clients various questions about what kind of food they wanted, including extra milk (because we had a lot at the time), or protein boxes of eggs and potatoes, or snack bags full of nutritional goodies. But we also had on hand free new masks, dish soap, diapers, even birthday or activities bags for kids.

While they waited for the volunteers to bring their boxes of food out (because CAC is being very careful about physical distancing), the clients could browse the tables of other free stuff. When one man came over with his walker (no car), a staff member arranged to have a volunteer deliver the many boxes of food to his house. And there was the mother of three going for a walk to have lunch at the high school next door who left with masks and treats for the kids.

I am so heartened to know that as we move towards the peak of COVID-19 in Minnesota, the people in my town are supported!

Susan Herder


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