To the editor:

I shared the following paragraph during a discussion with a group of local residents last week. The topic of the discussion was racism. The group thought the paragraph was important to share with you. Do you know where this paragraph is found?

''Be it hereby declared that no person in the city of Northfield shall, on the grounds of age, race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance or disability be subjected to discrimination in any form. Human freedom and human rights are indivisible. If anyone is denied equality, no one is free. The following charter is a declaration of the public policy of the City of Northfield to fulfill its responsibility to treat all of its citizens equally and with good order.''

This paragraph is the second paragraph in the Preamble of the Northfield City Charter. Because of the importance of the ongoing guidance provided here for all of us, we hope our community can find ways to display it in local public places.

CC Linstroth and Connie DeGrote


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