To the editor:

State Rep. Todd Lippert claimed responsibility for winning $2.5 million state bonding for the transit center. State bonding is only for capital projects, but the transit center looks complete and the property is almost entirely cemented over, so is the money being diverted to cover operating losses?

$15 million is the expect bill to replace the city biodigester that was incinerated in May 2018, but operations may not begin even by year end. AGA (Association for Government Accountability) is working with the GOP renewed state senate majority, and especially Northfield’s new state senator-elect, Zach Duckworth who ousted Little, to investigate claims that Northfield employee negligence caused the catastrophe.

With minimal financial reserves, Northfield could drown in debt if its insurer does not pick up the giant bill.

Finally, every day elementary students from Northfield public schools are skating in the city’s ice arena with no safety provisions, not even a fire alarm. Recently Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspected Northfield’s city ice arena. The city of Northfield is stonewalling AGA requests to see the OSHA report.

Doug Jones

AGA Watchdog, Nerstrand

Editor’s Note: The Northfield transit hub project, to be funded by state bonds, will be constructed just to the north of the city’s 1888 depot.

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