To the editor:

Isn’t it ironic that 2020 is the year we finally see clearly how much change is needed in Minnesota? Too many Minnesotans are still treated unfairly in the criminal justice system. Too many Minnesotans still lack health insurance, or have insurance that keeps care unaffordable.

Too many Minnesota kids attend underfunded schools. Too many Minnesotans can’t get a good job. Too many Minnesotans are hungry every day.

To make our vision of a Minnesota that works for everyone become a reality, we need to do the work to make good, smart changes. And that is why I support Jon Olson for the State Senate District 20. In his Navy career, Jon learned how to work with people from very different backgrounds, and how to lead effectively. He will do that for us in the Senate. He will help create fairer school funding, affordable/accessible health care, and justice and safety for everyone. He sees how much brighter the future will be for all of us if everyone is given a fair chance.

Seeing our problems isn’t enough. We need a government willing to help us solve them. Please join me in electing Jon Olson to make smart change possible for all of us.

Rod Christensen


This letter is a paid political endorsement.

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