Is the Northfield City Council destined to repeat history by proposing major solutions to minor problems? The city is proposing to install a roundabout and pedestrian tunnels at the intersection of Highway 246 and Jefferson Parkway at an estimated cost of nearly $5 million.

There are traffic back-ups at this intersection on school days in the morning and afternoon when students are coming and going for school. These back-ups last up to 45 minutes twice a day. There are about 175 school days during the year that account for approximately 260 hours of back-up. There are 8,766 hours in a year. Therefore, this problem exists a mere 3% of the time.

When the costs for the Tiger Trail finally exceeded the City Council's appetite for spending our money, a simpler, cheaper, yet effective solution was found to address the perceived problem.

Despite the money already spent for engineering studies and soil borings, I think it is time to realize that a roundabout might not solve the traffic issue any better than installing a traffic light. A signal light would cost a fraction of the cost for the proposed roundabout.

I encourage the City Council to be better stewards of our tax dollars.

Lifelong resident and former council member,

Bernie Street


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