To the editor:

Why would Northfield City and its insurer, LMCIT, pay $12 million (cost estimated by Association for Government Accountability) for a new biodigester and not invest in fire sprinkler protection? When the city sewer plant’s biodigester was destroyed by fire in May 2018, the city argued that city facilities over 20 years old were “grandfathered by law” and did not require fire protection. So what is the city argument as it nears completion of a brand new biodigester without fire sprinkler protection?

LMCIT is looking into the city contract that allowed a private contractor to pump water from the Courtyard by Marriott hotel site into the city’s sanitary sewer in January 2018.

It might consequently disallow the pending claim. Or it may force the city to take strong loss prevention steps, beginning with sprinkler systems in the city’s biodigester and the city-owned ice arena. News on the final claim for fire damage is expected by September 2020.

Doug Jones, AGA Volunteer


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