To the editor:

Again, Division Street is closed for re-construction. Mayor Rhonda Pownell herself designed the extreme “bumpouts” and tall grass plantings. Deemed a traffic safety hazard, the bumpouts are being jackhammered away. Will she now also reconsider where the snow will go when Division Street gets plowed out for snow?

On another seasonal topic, it will soon be ice hockey season for Northfield Public Schools students at the Northfield Ice Arena. Since voters decisively rejected the ice palace that would have cost $26 million, principal and interest, the city and schools have ignored the absence of a fire alarm, much less fire sprinklers, to protect the lives of the students and the public.

Northfield City Council should act now to defer opening of the hockey season until an emergency provision is made for life protecting fire and smoke risks. Such smoke alarms would cost under $25,000 according to contractors queried by the Association for Government Accountability . The public schools last year spent $70,000 on an emergency basis for a new secure doorway at the high school. Compared to that $25,000, how much will it cost taxpayers to fix the mayor’s mistakes on Division Street?

Doug Jones


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