To the editor:

It has always been my conviction that the primary purpose of government should be to serve the common good of all citizens, regardless of economic status, race, gender or any other categories by which we define (and often divide) ourselves. So it is heartbreaking to know that we live in a state where the very basic needs of some of our fellow citizens are still not being met.

Specifically, the pandemic has brought into even clearer focus the insufficient funding for childcare and the gross inequities in accessibility to public education.

Gov. Walz has recently proposed a budget with the clear intention of addressing these societal needs and others, largely by raising revenues from wealthier citizens. Our previous governor and legislature were able to fund universal statewide kindergarten through a similar means. I think we should rejoice in that accomplishment! And we should continue to support our leaders who promote compassionate care for every Minnesotan through investing in all of us. This will only make Minnesota a stronger, fairer and happier state in which to live.

Daniel Kallman


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