To the editor:

In this highly politicized era, we need people in the legislature who are thoughtful, compassionate, willing collaborators and competent consensus builders. State Rep. Todd Lippert is all of that.

Todd Lippert is running for re-election in Minnesota House District 20B. His campaign is organized around a commitment to the “common good.” His policy positions reinforce the idea that we all do better when we come together to nurture the foundational elements of thriving communities — fully-funded schools; affordable, accessible healthcare; paid-family leave; and a transition to an economy that creates jobs while respecting the environment.

Todd Lippert is as authentic as they come. He means what he says, and he is compelled to act on principles shaped by his faith. There is room for everyone at Todd’s table. He believes in building a state that works for everyone, no exceptions.

With Todd’s voice and his leadership, we can change the dynamics in St. Paul. He will help us find the common ground that will promote the common good. Please consider re-electing State Rep. Todd Lippert.

Scott Richardson


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