To the editor: 

As our nation celebrates July 4, we can celebrate our patriotism by making sure that we are ready to vote in our primary elections on Aug. 11 and the general election on Nov. 3.

I know I am ready. I am registered and have voted in every general election since I was first eligible in 1972.

There is a website that will help you make sure you are registered, and help you to do so if you are not. It will also send you reminders prior to the important election dates. The website is “” I heard about this through my work with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), and I have tested the website. It works.

I know I will vote in the Minnesota primary and in the general election. Because of my work with CCL, I will be voting for candidates who care about preserving the environment and dealing with the crisis of climate change. That is my passion.

What is your passion? Whatever it is, please vote. It is an opportunity to show your patriotism.

Howard White

Northfield Chapter Co-leader

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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