Eclectic, not pretentious.


Customers seem to find comfort in the 1990s laid-back vibe that lingers inside the eclectically cozy Goodbye Blue Monday Coffeehouse.


Baristas and bakers Alanna Holmberg, Serena Walker and George Zuccolotto keep the Goodbye Bye Monday operation humming efficiently. (Pamela Thompson photos/


Chloe Kiener takes orders from customers during a Friday morning rush. (Pamela Thompson/

IMG_5940 (1).jpg

Barista Serena Walker creates works of art atop lattes.


Regular customer Randy Moore orders a coffee from Alanna Holmberg four to five days a week. He sits on the same couch and reads novels while he sips his favorite hot brew. (Pamela Thompson/


The name of the coffeehouse was inspired by a Kurt Vonnegut novel. (Pamela Thompson/


Some Goodbye Blue Monday customers dash in for take out, while others stay a couple of hours. (Pamela Thompson/


The clever sign above the coffeehouse entrance looks like it has an extra dose of foamy milk in the winter months. (Pamela Thompson photos/

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