The Greenvale Township Board of Supervisors received pushback Tuesday on its temporary moratorium on single-family home construction in the township.

The discussion at a township board meeting took place more than one month after the moratorium was enacted during a special meeting.

Jane Dilley, whose request to build a home on the 28000 block of Dunbar Avenue to replace the former house on the site was not acted on by the Planning Commission last week due to the moratorium, requested the board remove the moratorium so the building can be constructed. She noted the farm site has been in her family for 75 years.

“I want to build a house, and I cannot due to the moratorium,” she said. At one point, she asked the few dozen people who attended the meeting to raise their hand if they approved of the moratorium, which was met with few signals of approval.

According to the resolution putting the ordinance into effect, the prohibition allows the township to study amending its comprehensive plan, zoning and subdivision ordinances and other controls for regulating the creation of single-family residential dwelling units in light of recent growth and development within the township.

According to the resolution, the moratorium will allow the township to evaluate development standards and infrastructure requirements to ensure future single-family homes enhance the township.

The moratorium has been in place since Board of Supervisors’ approval June 15. The lawsuit cited as a reason for the moratorium by Board Chair Greg Langer was filed by TK Properties of Northfield, LLC in early May after the company sought to acquire two Greenvale Township properties, one 32 acres with a home on it and the other land spanning 8 acres. The company went to the board asking for a statement saying that the 8-acre parcel was buildable, but the board denied the request.

Dilley took issue with that explanation for the moratorium.

“You’re not hurting him,” she said. “You’re hurting me.”

Dilley expressed concern over what would happen if a resident lost a home to a fire or natural disaster. She requested a copy of the minutes of the special meeting and asked the board to rescind the moratorium.

Ryan Wilson said contractors have been set up for a construction project he is involved in and didn’t understand why his work needed to be affected.

“It puts us in a big bind,” he said.

After the meeting, Langer said he “disagreed with what they’re saying” in response to the statements of disapproval for the moratorium and declined further comment.

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