The Dundas City Council is moving forward with plans for a new, $1.4 million City Hall building. Construction is expected to begin this fall.

Architects from Rochester-based firm TSP, Von Petersen and Alex Schrader, presented the results of the company’s work Monday during a Dundas City Council meeting. TSP was hired in March after a request for proposal process the city undertook in January and February.

The $1.4 million expected cost is slightly higher than the previously estimated $1.35 million price tag, but that number could be reduced during the bidding process.

On the first floor of the planned 4,902-square-foot building would be council chambers, meeting space, bathrooms and office, break and copy space. The second floor, consisting of 1,520 square feet, would be storage space, potentially being used for future office room, along with room for other expansion.

“They had a program or the spaces they wanted, so we looked at them and ultimately dove into design, and started just collecting all the data needed, code or zoning or any other items like that,” Petersen said.

The city hopes to bid the project this summer, with construction beginning this fall. Move-in could take place next spring.The building is expected to feature brick, some limestone and capstone.

Larry Fowler


After the meeting, Dundas city councilors John Cruz and Larry Fowler said they supported the plan.

John Cruz


Cruz noted the importance of the city having a new City Hall because of current space limitations at the current City Hall. He added plans did not seem “overdone,” and he believes the building will fit into the aesthetics of downtown Dundas.

“It looked like they did a good job putting it together,” he said of the firm’s presentation. “It was a good presentation. This was the first time that I had reviewed the information.”

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