A former general manager of Alibi at Froggy Bottoms in Northfield allegedly stole nearly $20,000 from the establishment over the span of a few months last year.

Sarah Michelle Weinberg, 38, is charged with two counts of felony theft in Rice County District Court. Court documents state she was charged after a Northfield police officer was dispatched Sept. 22 to the lobby of the police station on a report that Weinberg had been stealing from Froggy Bottoms. As operating general manager, Weinberg was ordered pull-tabs and box closings, scheduling, food/beer ordering and marketing.

Weinberg, who allegedly told a co-owner of Alibi at Froggy Bottoms last summer that she had sent her weekly business deposit reports, allegedly had not done so in the vast majority of instances. The co-owner said Weinberg later admitted that she had taken $1,800, had “borrowed the money and would pay it back,” court documents state.

In September, the owner reportedly confronted Weinberg about the theft, and she allegedly admitted taking the money. Another co-owner estimated the loss from the pull-tab games, audit sheets, cash banks and deposit slips was $22,000.

According to a report to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Froggy Bottoms was missing $19,478 from June through September 2020. Court documents state Northfield Fire Department Relief Association was missing $9,000 from cash banks used to fund the pull-tab games. The games help to fund the all-volunteer rescue squad, a group that is considered an arm of the Fire Department.

In late September 2020, Weinberg, who denied stealing money, reportedly told a Northfield investigator and officer that she had been working at Froggy Bottoms since September of 2019, borrowed money from a co-owner, “and it has never been a problem,” before the co-owner accused her of stealing. Weinberg reportedly again admitted to borrowing the $1,800 in deposits but said she had a payment plan to pay the money back, a statement the co-owner denied.

Weinberg’s first appearance in the case is scheduled for Wednesday in Rice County District Court.

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