Forget-Me-Not Florists

Therese Chapman and her mother, Jane Williams, run the register at Forget-Me-Not Florist in Northfield. Both women pride themselves on bringing great service to customers. (Philip Weyhe/Northfield News)

In 1994, Therese Chapman was 10 years old when her parents, Jane and Jim Williams, purchased a small floral shop in downtown Northfield. She remembers falling asleep on the counter, amidst the vibrant displays of flowers.

In 2018, Chapman now works behind the counter as co-owner of Forget-Me-Not Florist where she arranges flowers and coordinates floral needs for special occasions.

“I love making every occasion — from birth through death — special. And we get to embrace those special moments through our business,” Chapman said.

Chapman officially started her role as owner on Jan. 2, 2018 after her mother, Jane Williams, decided to retire. Williams is still seen at the shop, chatting with customers and designing flower arrangements.

“The burden of the back office is off her back now, so she gets to be creative and focus on doing what she really loves,” Chapman said.

Chapman originally moved away from Northfield to Tucson, Arizona to follow in her family’s footsteps and become a florist. During those two years, she worked for another shop and gained a background in business management.

After those two years, Chapman and her husband decided to return to Northfield to help with her family’s shop, eventually taking over as owners of Forget-Me-Not.

“It’s been a great transition so far, and we’re stilling continuing to reach out to Minnesota growers for our flowers,” she said. “But it’s been pretty ‘business as usual.’”

Although loyal customers continue to support the local business, Williams and Chapman are excited to see the shop grow, off and online. Williams said one area that she is most excited to see adapt in the shop is their social media presence.

“We have so many faithful customers in the community … but we would like to reach out to the younger generation. I see our social media being a big part of that,” Williams said.

But most of all, they still continue providing personalized customer service for the Northfield community and connecting with other local businesses.

The day before Valentine’s Day, Forget-Me-Not employees spread the love by delivering bouquets for businesses in the area, and on Valentine’s Day, they brought flowers to the Senior Center.

“There are little things that we can do to go above and beyond for our customers, and we want to provide the best service for them,” Chapman said. “And we love our community and small businesses in Northfield.”

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