Save the Northfield Depot

A sign at the site of the 1888 depot near the railroad tracks at West Third Street promotes the effort to refurbish the old Northfield Depot building and move it across the street, integrating it into the proposed transit hub project at the Q-block, behind the Quarterback Club. (News file photo)

Northfielders came together over a brief period and made the recent Save the Northfield Depot match program a success, according to organization officials.

Last month, two local donors contributed $10,000 for the matching fund; individuals in the community responded with a total of $10,000 to meet the challenge. The total from the match program of $20,000 moved the total raised to $147,000, more than halfway toward the $293,000 project goal.

“The public understands that the project is a unique opportunity to save an historic building, but also to provide an inviting visitor center and public gathering place with amenities, promote economic development in the area, and enhance a blighted city lot with an attractive depot-transit hub complex serving Northfield citizens and visitors,” said co-chair Rob Martin.

Save the Northfield Depot officials are pleased with the overall progress of the project. In addition to the funds raised, they have obtained necessary documents (structural soil tests, official land survey, soil contamination results, preliminary site plans) and firm estimates for future work from local professionals (asbestos removal, demotion of 1944 addition, move of 1888 depot).

Currently, Save the Northfield Depot is drafting a final sale of property agreement with Canadian Pacific Railroad that will be enacted once $293,000 has been raised.

More fundraising events are planned for the summer and fall, according to the release. In addition to funds, in-kind donations are sought, e.g., building materials, roofing, and cement, as well as time contributions from those with specialized skills such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

Donations of funds can be sent to 712 E. 4th St., Northfield, MN 55057 or on the website ( by clicking the “donate now” button. Inquiries about possible in-kind contributions can be sent to

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