The Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors is looking to increase the number of board members from three to five.

The board on Wednesday unanimously agreed to have the proposal on the township election ballot in March.

“It makes it possible for us to operate with committees, otherwise anytime two of us get together to work on something, we have to notify this as a public meeting, according to the public meeting law,” said Supervisor Glen Castore.

That reality has posed problems with the township in meeting with contractors or developers as recently evidenced when the township sought to hire a contractor to perform flood mitigation work.

Glen Castore


“It makes it less awkward to explore business opportunities,” Castore said.

He is unsure the ballot measure will be approved.

“We haven’t gone out and done an informal poll or anything like that,” Castore said. “I hope it will be approved.”

Supervisor John Holden said having five members will reduce the chance that the board would not have a quorum for open meetings. State law requires that a majority of the members be in attendance for a governmental body, including town boards, to conduct business. To Holden, having younger generations serve as township officials is important for the future of the community.

“We have a strong interest from township people,” he said.

In other action, supervisors tabled action on replacing Holden, who is leaving the board by the end of this month as he plans to move to Northfield. Retired Northfield educator Kathleen Kopseng is expected to assume the position. Holden plans to continue to help the township on its noxious weed program.  

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