A substantial mill and overlay project is planned to repave portions of more than a dozen Northfield streets next year.

The plan was discussed Tuesday during a Northfield City Council study session.

The project is slated to cover 15 sections of Northfield streets, including:

• Oak Street from Second Street to Fourth Street

• Elm Street from Second Street to Fifth Street

• Maple Street from First Street to Fourth Street

• Nevada Street from First Street to Fourth Street

• Winona Street from First Street to Fourth Street

• Fourth Street from Prairie Street to Nevada Street. City staff consider that portion as a possible spur for bike riders to get to the downtown district from the Mill Towns Trail. Should that be, a protected bike lane is possible. Northfield City Administrator Ben Martig said evidence shows bike riders feel more comfortable in protected lanes. The council could include the spur as part of the project, move forward without its inclusion or decide to schedule it for a future year.

• College Street from First Street to Third Street

• Third Street from Washington Street to Oak Street

• First Street from College Street to Maple Street

• Union Street from Second Street to First Street

• Second Street from Division Street to Oak Street

• Jefferson Road from Hidden Valley Road to Heritage Drive

• Heritage Drive from Hwy. 3 to Hidden Valley Apartments

• Seventh Street from Water Street to west dead end

• Eighth Street from Water Street to Linden Street

Ben Martig


Northfield City Engineer David Bennett said the street portions were due to be repaved to ensure they can last 40 to 50 years. He said doing so reduces the frequency of full street reconstruction projects, saving the city from conducting more costly work.

The $3.7 million project is expected to be funded by levy dollars, assessments and utility funds.

Included in maintenance is seal coating, expected to cost $57,616 next year. That work is expected to be on portions of Prairie Street, Indigo Lane, Rosewood Road, Violet Lane, Larkspur Court, Heywood Road, Creek Lane, Sunset Drive, Sunset Court and Jefferson Parkway.

Martig said staff would like direction from the council on 2020 construction work in the next couple months so the project can be bid in January. A cost estimate for the overall mill and overlay project has not been announced.

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