The Limestones

The members of The Limestones pose for a picture together after their fall concert of 2012. (Photo submitted)

For the nine members of the St. Olaf A Cappella group The Limestones, it’s all about making good music, working hard and having a little fun, according to current member Brandon Berger.

“I really just enjoy the fellowship that we share as a group,” said Berger, a sophomore at St. Olaf. “It’s really fun to just kind of get together and sing — which is something we all love to do, of course. We know how to work hard and I think we really have a good work ethic, but we also have a lot of fun.”

The Limestones have been exhibiting their strong work ethic this spring with a CD release and two concerts in the works.

The first of their upcoming concerts is scheduled at 7 p.m. on Saturday at Emmaus Church in Northfield. Tickets for that concert cost $10 for adults and $5 for students with a maximum cost limit of $25 for a family.

The annual Limestone spring concert will be held on May 9 at the Lion’s Pause in Buntrock Commons on the St. Olaf campus.

At these concerts, audiences can expect “diverse repertoire,” meaning mix of Top 40 hits, music from the 70s, a song or two from The Beatles, some popular country songs and some contemporary Christian songs, according to St. Olaf junior and Limestone member Evan Quinnell.

The Limestones were founded at St. Olaf in 1989. The 2012-13 group consists of Peter Kovic, Paul Mori, Ryan Nash, Matt Hoffman, Kaya Peterson, Isaac Sorenson, Peter Sepulveda, Evan Quinnell and Brandon Berger. The CD “Down-To-Earth” will mark the first CD release for this group of Limestones, but there have been several others released in the past, most recently in 2010.

“Down-To-Earth” will be available for purchase at the group’s annual spring concert. To pre-order the album, visit The Limestone’s Kickstarter website.

For Limestones like Berger and Quinnell, the interest in the group stems from a life-long love of music.

“I have done a lot of music since I was a little kid, but I had never really sung — outside of the shower that is — until junior year of high school. Then in my senior year I joined the choir and have continued related work ever since,” Quinnell said.

Berger, a music education major, has a family connection to the group.

“Well, my older brother was a member of the Limestones when he was at St. Olaf, so I have definitely been familiar with their sound for awhile,” he said. “Music has always been a huge interest for me.”

Reach reporter Ashley Klemer at 645-1115 or follow her on @AshleyKlemer.

Reach reporter Ashley Klemer at 645-1115 or follow her on @AshleyKlemer. 

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