Nine candidates for 2020 Defeat of Jesse James Days Ambassador, and another 13 vying for the title of Junior Ambassador, took turns vying for the five crowns up for grabs Friday night at Northfield Middle School.

Ultimately, Lilly King, Audrey Pagel and Kaia Schomburg were tabbed as the three Ambassadors for the 2020 Defeat of Jesse James Days, while Logyn Otte and Lilah Paukert will join that trio as Junior Ambassadors. King was also honored with the Golden Heart Award, which was voted on by the other candidates.

A six-week process preceded Friday night, when a group of three judges made their final decisions after watching the Ambassador candidates deliver speeches detailing specific aspects of their life, and observing the Junior Ambassador candidates showcase a unique talent.

Preceding that, the last six weeks were spent evaluating communication skills, personality and social skills.

The new Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors will spend the year following next month's Defeat of Jesse James Days traveling throughout Minnesota to visit various local festivals, including the Minneapolis Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes, and culminating in the 2020 edition of the Defeat of Jesse James Days.

One of the 2019 DJJD Ambassadors, Alyssa Koktavy, learned Friday night that she will be a candidate for the 2021 Queen of the Lakes crown. Koktavy was informed of the news by 2020 Aquatennial Princess Jennifer Anderson, who was one of many representatives from other Minnesota festivals who were present at Friday night's coronation.

Other 2020 DJJD Ambassador candidates included Caitlin Anderson, Annie Frank, Max Gorden Mercer, Kiley Patrikus, Faithe Quick and Nikki Schultz, while the other Junior Ambassador candidates included Yvette De La Cruz, Brynnli Fredrickson, Lydia Guerrero, Erin Morelan, Evelyn Morelan, Silas Pautz, Ashlynn Piker, Rachel Scheffler, MiaRae Schneider, Savannah Schneider and Tenley Updike.

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