A possible bike lane on College Street and a planned bumpout analysis of the more than a dozen stretches of Northfield streets set for work next year are fueling nearly $81,500 in additional project costs.

The Northfield City Council on Tuesday approved planning and consulting firm Bolton & Menk beginning the design phase for the added project aspects, which will cost an additional $81,468 in design and construction fees. The city is gathering community feedback before deciding on the bike lane option it wants to undertake.

Proposed changes to the project since the original contract was submitted last summer include:

• College Street protected bike lane from First Street to Third Street, which would replace parking on the west side of College Street. The protected bike lane on College Street is expected to require a feasibility study followed by creating three preliminary options. The city is expected to select one of three options to move forward with next month.

• Storm drain placement and improvements analysis for the project area.

• Bumpout analysis of the project area. Analysis is expected to involve reviewing pedestrian flow to determine intersections that could be candidates for bumpouts.

The design fee is expected to be $48,527, and $26,941 in construction service costs are anticipated.

“These added project elements will provide defining characteristics for the neighborhood, including safety improvements that will enhance an already exciting project,” Bolton & Menk Principal Brian Hilgardner wrote in a letter to the city.

Councilor Brad Ness said he needs to see a price before making a final decision on whether to support the bike lane on College Street.

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Councilor Clarice Grenier Grabau said the city “is beginning to do a better job of thinking holistically about streets, thinking about the ramifications for all of our residents, whether they are using wheelchairs or cars, bicycles or walking.”

To her, street projects give the city a chance to improve pavement, drainage, ADA access and other advantages.

“Some streets are in far worse shape than others, so it is a balancing act of trying to design for the future while also being conscious of costs. And the city does have financial assistance available for income-eligible folks, she said, referring to property owner assessments.

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Construction is slated next summer.

The mill and overlay project includes more than a dozen stretches of Northfield roads, including:

• Oak Street from Second Street to Fourth Street

• Elm Street from Second Street to Fifth Street

• Maple Street from First Street to Fourth Street

• Nevada Street from First Street to Fourth Street

• Winona Street from First Street to Fourth Street

• Fourth Street from Prairie Street to Nevada Street

• College Street from First Street to Third Street

• Third Street from Washington Street to Oak Street

• First Street from College Street to Maple Street

• Union Street from Second Street to First Street

• Second Street from Division Street to Oak Street

• Jefferson Road from Hidden Valley Road to Heritage Drive

• Heritage Drive from Highway 3 to Hidden Valley Apartments

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