Construction is slated for next year on portions of more than a dozen Northfield streets and sidewalks in the northwestern part of the city.

The project, scheduled from May to October 2022, includes replacing the top layer of pavement in some places, concrete curb and gutter repairs, sidewalk spot work, required Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades to existing pedestrian facilities, and storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water valve adjustments.

Work is scheduled on Thye Parkway from Lockwood Drive to Eveleth Avenue, Quie Lane from Lockwood Drive , Rolvaag Court, Lupine Drive from Eveleth Avenue to Cannon Valley Drive, Lupine Court, Cannon Valley Drive from North Avenue, Woodland Trail, Greenleaf Court, Wildwood Court, North Avenue from Eveleth Avenue to Summerfield Drive, Juniper Avenue from Lincoln Street to Lincoln Parkway, Joann Court, Headley Court, St. Olaf Avenue from Lincoln Street to Hwy. 3, and Forest Avenue from Lincoln Street to Three Links Care Center.

The Northfield City Council ordered the preparation of a feasibility report for the project during a May 4 meeting. Northfield Engineering Manager Sean Simonson said pavement replacement work is less intrusive and expensive than reconstruction projects, and extends the service life of roads by 15-20 years.

Trail, sidewalk work also planned

Next year’s work also includes multiple pedestrian, bike and trail system projects.

The council is evaluating improvements next year based on the council’s approved pedestrian, bike and trail system report, including on-street bikeways on St. Olaf Avenue, Lockwood Drive and Thye Parkway along with a proposed trail/sidewalk on North Avenue. The council is also slated to evaluate high-priority sidewalk/trail improvements, including a Liberty Park connecting trail along with sidewalks on Highland Avenue/Ivanhoe Drive and Greenvale Avenue.

The council passed a number of amendments to the work during the meeting, including supporting the addition of a sidewalk across the railroad on Greenvale Avenue, constructing stretches of sidewalk on Lincoln Street and Spring Street from Greenvale Avenue to St. Dominic Church, and installing signs alerting pedestrians on the west side of Hwy. 3 entering Northfield to move to the other side of the road.

The signs were requested by Councilor George Zuccolotto, who expressed expressed safety concerns for pedestrians along the stretch. The council is also discussing re-evaluating making any changes to the St. Olaf Avenue and Hwy. 3 intersection and reviewing the possibility of adding pedestrian routes to the planned transit hub/depot.

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